Get To Know God

...Seriously I'm in my second year of seminary. I was doing a school assignment when something dawned on me. I was doing an assignment on "Short Answers", yet I had five resources sitting in front me to answer these questions. These were some of the questions: 1. What is Qoheleth? 2. Why does MT stand… Continue reading Get To Know God


…And That’s A Wrap

Today was the last event of the semester for our homeschool support group. We had a lovely Christmas party. We started Proverbs Twenty-Two Six Homeschoolers literally on faith. There was a need in our community where families could feel safe and share in the journey of homeschooling together. Me and Omar started (P226) as leaders.… Continue reading …And That’s A Wrap

There’s Always A Time To Dance

For the second year in a row, Jaden and Gabi took part in The Singing Christmas Tree. In case you are unaware of The Singing Christmas Tree, it is a wonderful, spectacular Gospel production our church, Bellevue Baptist Church, puts on every year for over 41 years. Each year we come across people who have… Continue reading There’s Always A Time To Dance